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Feb 3

Important Note on Stack Updates Coming

NOTE: The updates referenced in this post will be released sometime on Friday, February 3rd (aka tomorrow). I am publishing this blog post a day early so that you have time to review it.

Since Stacks 2 launched in December, I have been going full steam ahead with new product releases and updates. But as you know, Stacks 2 has so many amazing features that I just had to dive in and add as many as I could. Some stacks even got complete rewrites! Here are a couple interesting stats…

New Stacks Released: 23

Updates Released: 219

When I saw these numbers, I was pretty floored. With that number of updates, thank God for the new Stacks 2 update process! Can you imagine trying to process that many updates in Stacks 1? It would have taken days!

The next wave is coming

So I have been talking about my next wave of updates for over a month now. That time has finally come. This update will affect 69 stacks! The wave of updates is targeted to only Stacks 2 users and will include…

  • All of my stacks will now be in the Joe Workman group in the Stack Elements library.
  • Reduce stack file size by 1/3. Stacks are already small but every little bit counts.
  • You should see that Stacks will process through updates a little faster with these.
  • Allows me to deploy updates in a more streamlined manner by updating multiple stacks at one time.
  • Tidy up your stacks directory in Finder. This may require that you run a separate utility app that you can download. There are more details on this below.

This wave of updates consolidates “stack sets” down to a single stack. (For more background info on consolidate stacks, read the section later in this post.) This update gives me the power to release updates to all the stacks in a set with a single update! Previously, I would have to issue an update on a per stack basis. Therefore, in the long run, it will be less work for you to update your stacks. This is really the main reason for doing this. All of the other benefits that I listed above are just some bonuses.

Now I would be lying if I said that these updates weren’t going to make my life easier as well. Having a 1:1 ratio for stack to SKU will be huge for me. This will allow me to automate a lot of things on the backend that will free up time for me to work on more projects and updates. So this is a win-win for everyone!

This is not your normal update process. Please make sure that you review the instructions below on what you need to do to make this go smoothly. This lays the tracks for a lot of great updates in the future. So if you dont update now, then you won’t get the cool updates in the future.

What you need to do to update

As always with my products, there are 2 ways that you can get your updates. After you have updated your stacks, you can verify the version numbers of your stacks with the list below.

Re-download the stacks from your invoice.

You can re-download the individual stacks again from your original invoice when you purchased the stacks. If you purchased a bundle, most of the time, you will not be able to download the bundle again. However, you can download each stack individually. If you can not locate your invoice you can always get them sent to you from our Order Lookup Page.

Once you have downloaded your DMG files, simply run the installer and it will take care of everything for you! Its as simple as that!

Its probably a good idea to restart Rapidweaver after you update everything.

Auto update via Sparkle

Depending on the version you have installed. Some of the older stacks never had sparkle. Therefore, you may need to redownload those stacks as described above.

If you prefer to use the amazing auto update feature of Stacks 2, then there is an additional step that you will need to do after you have updated all of your stacks. First make sure that you have installed all the updates. Then you will need to download the utility that I wrote. Launch the app and it will do all of the work for you. Then you are done!


The will go through your entire Stacks library and search for duplicate stacks. I obviously have logic that will cleanup any duplicates that are a result of my updates. However, you may have duplicates from other developers. This app will not do anything with the duplicates found that it doesn’t have built in logic for. However, it will alert you that a duplicate exists. If you are not sure what to do with the duplicates that are found, you may want to contact that developer and ask what you should do.

In case you are paranoid, will never delete anything from your system. It creates a StacksArchive folder inside your Rapidweaver support folders (the same location where your Stacks folder is). All of the duplicates that have been found will be backed up there. Feel free to keep this folder around or delete it if you feel comfortable that everything is as it should be.

Behind the scenes of consolidated stack sets

I wanted to give you all the behind the scenes details so that you are aware what is going on. When you purchase some of my products, you receive more than one stack. I have 23 of these “stack sets” available on my store. Right now, all of these stacks sets insert all of the stacks into your Stacks folder in Finder. However, with Stacks 2, we can now have consolidated stacks. This means that while a stack set can contain 5 different stacks, if you were to look in Finder, you would only see one.

Let’s take my PageLime stacks as an example. When you install the PageLime stacks, you will see 10 separate stacks inside your Stacks folder in Finder. What I can do now with Stacks 2 is ship a single PageLime.stack that will contain all 10 of the stacks.

From a UI perspective, nothing will change in the Stack Elements library. You will still see 10 PageLime stacks in your library under the Joe Workman group. For those who are getting your hopes up that this will add some sort of sub-grouping within the Stack library, it won’t! Consolidating the stacks will not affect the grouping at all. Everything will be the same in the UI.

Stacks to be updated

Here is a list of the stack sets that will get updated and the version that they will have after the update has been completed.

  • Cartloom v2.0.0 (must update manually)
  • ChinaTube v1.2.0 (must update manually)
  • CMS-CSS v2.0.0 (must update manually)
  • Comments v1.1.0
  • Expose v1.1.0
  • Flickr Slideshow v2.1.0
  • GetSatisfaction v2.0.0 (must update manually)
  • Link v2.0.0
  • MovingBox v1.6.0
  • Offsite v1.6.0 (must update manually)
  • PageLime v1.1.0
  • PowerGrid v1.1.0
  • QuickFlip v2.0.0 (must update manually)
  • Reblog v2.0.0 (formally RSS Full Content)
  • RSS List v1.6.0
  • RSS Select v1.6.0
  • SchoolTube v1.1.0 (must update manually)
  • Styled Stack v1.4.0
  • TipTip v1.5.0
  • Totem v1.2.0
  • Tweets v1.5.0 (must update manually)
  • TwitVid v1.4.0
  • Viddler v1.4.0 (must update manually)
  • Vimeo v1.7.0
  • YouTube v1.7.0

Stacks 2 adoption status

After this set of updates, over 50% of my stacks will require Stacks 2. If you have not taken a look at Stacks 2 yet, then you really need to. Its an amazing product that allows me to develop more robust and easier to use stacks for you.

Now go forth and make your websites great!