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Improving Twitter support in Fever˚

I have been a happy Fever˚ user for quite a while now. I came across a blog post today about improving Instapaper support in Fever˚. This got me thinking on how I could improve the Twitter integration as well. As many of you know Twitter recently recently released a new Tweet Button. I learned some of the new share APIs for this while developing my Tweet Button Stack and thought that they would be a perfect fit for this!

Well I spent a few minutes and came up with this short javascript snippet that works like a charm!‘’,’Tweet’,’width=500,height=250,toolbar=0,scrollbars=0,resizable=1’);

To use it, go into your Fever˚ preferences and click the ‘Sharing’ tab. I suggest removing the ‘t’ key from the Twitter item. We are going to create a new service so that you can switch back to this original one in the future if needed. 

Click the ‘+’ icon to add a new service. Name it ‘Tweet,’ set the key to ‘t’ or whatever you prefer, and set the URL to the above code snippet. 

Click ‘Save’ and you’re done!